The Missing Puzzle Piece Of Your Marketing Strategy

2017 is the year of digital renaissance where motion picture has become "the popular" digital marketing trend. The recent statistics by Hubspot stated that 75% of people are watching video on a weekly basis and 70% of marketers have agreed that video converts better than any other medium. The current video marketing trend is not only about using the coolest video technology, astounding effects, and animation. The most crucial element is the content!

With the team of digital marketing experts with over 12 years of experience and a dedicated video team, we will provide the best marketing strategies to boost your brand, creating impacts and driving conversions through videos. We want your videos to be seen and your story to be delivered to your target audience. Marketing your video ensures that it is not only viewed by the correct audience, but shared, commented on, and used to enhance your brand.

Besides that, WeShot is also a film production agency where we provide a variety of services - from script to screen - of commercial videos, event videos or even short films that are dedicated for your brand. We're affiliated with our parent company, Nexus Mediaworks International. We have a team of creative crew who wield passion in filming - however, your voices and needs are the priority during the production. We wish to strengthen the relationship with every client as your satisfaction is highly valued; therefore we’re offering integrated solutions from every possible angle in order to deliver uplifts for your business.

Video marketing trend is moving forward rapidly. Here at WeShot, WE ARE HERE TO COMPLETE YOUR MISSING PUZZLE PIECE in helping your business to grow and adapt your audience’s changing preference.


Passionate & Inspiring

Our team consist of excellent team players who live and breath for digital media (especially in video making); and they are such passionate media producers that guaranteed to be creative in filmmaking - always in search of brand new inspiration and ideas in producing the best possibility for our clients.

Trustworthy & Accountable

We believe that trust is one of the fundamental values when it comes to business as “.. Trust is the foundation of all kind of relationships.” - according to our Board of Directors. We ensure that every of our client experience the best of our services as well as our professionalism. Your needs and concerns are our priority and motivation that keep us moving!

Fun & Boundless

We believe that being fun is important, no matter we are being a little crazier in the workplace or even if the workplace is a little too crazy for us. As a video marketing agency, WeShot believes that inspiration and creativity always come from these people. No boundaries for letting them be who they are!

Communicate & Interact

Effective communication enhances the relationship; WeShot believes transparency is needed during the engagement with everyone involved. Communication leads to high productivity and simply avoids unnecessary conflicts or delays.

Open-minded & Free

We believe that being open-minded is one of the key points toward success. Everyone has different personality and characteristics, and we tend to have different opinions at times. We believe that everyone has something that they’re good at and all these different skills bind us together to make something GREAT out of it.


To inspire businesses and brand owners with creative concepts and ideas, bringing their business to the next level.


To be the platform for everyone for the talented individuals; making their dream production come true.