Digital Evolution: It’s All About the Mindset

It’s really common to hear that everyone is talking about digital evolution but do you know what role you are holding in this ever-changing digital world? AI is slowly taking over the mundane task, allowing humans to have more time to think and innovate. The major question remains, what will our role be as a human in the future, with the advancement of AI technology?

The great challenge of digital evolution. The pace.

Two decades ago, no one dreamed of having access to information at the tip of our fingers. The evolution of technology is not something new. What’s new is the speed of evolution and its impact on our daily lives.

Would you ever accept the idea of a smartphone 20 years back? When the iPhone was invented in 2007, Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft at that time mentioned in an interview that there’s “no chance” that the iPhone would “get any significant market share”. Fast forward to 2017, Apple sold over 200 million smartphones in that particular year alone.

Unruly innovation challenges us.

Disruptive innovation like machine learning changes how we live our lives. As we talk about machine learning, people talk about robots to have the ability to do what we humans can. You will not expect this.

In the 1950s, machine learning was invented. We’ll go through that topic in another article. The rapid change brought by machine learning has changed how we live our lives. There is a whole new meaning today in business models and global relationships following these changes. This poses challenges to us as human beings.

What will your company look like in the next 5 years? What skills are needed to maintain the competitive edge of your business? Have these questions crossed your mind?

Change is inevitable. We can cut ourselves away from the latest innovation nor reduce the rapid pace of technological advancement. What we can do is to adapt and move faster as an individual, an organization, and a community.

Mindset is the Key

Mindset or culture change is the key to digital transformation. Easier said than done. Ask yourself, how many friends or colleagues of yours are risk-takers? It’s human nature to stay in their comfort zones. Changes take time, especially in a culture company. It’s a step by step process. Here are some of the key components that get NexMIND started down the road of digital transformation.

  • Stop working silos:

Working alone in a single department hinders innovation. Working on SEO Malaysia, NexMIND always exchange ideas not just within the company but we also learn from experts across industries. Only then, we can learn from the best.

  • Questions, questions, and more questions:

The growth of digital transformation is changing how we work and communicate. We need to continuously question the pros and cons of the latest development. Is it really beneficial for our company? Can this innovation bring value to our SEO clients? Going digital doesn’t mean better.

  • Adopt willowy working style:

In the future, there will be no more conventional offices with landline telephones. Today, many organizations like CIMB as well as Ernst & Young are allowing their employees to work remotely from home if they are able to maintain their performance. Thanks to the invention of smartphones, laptops, and video conferencing, it doesn’t matter where you work as long as you meet the deadline. Flourishing creativity and innovation are one of the impacts as the employees are not bound to a structured, rigid working style.

  • Life-long learning encouragement:

New knowledge and technology continue to arise. Making sure that your employees are improving is vital to stay relevant. At NexMIND, we share the latest news with our employees and sign them up for workshops organized by the leaders of the industries to make sure our employees are up to date thus able to give the best advice to our clients.

The bottom line is, it is up to us to shape the digital transformation so that it benefits us best. Digitalization is not about technology. It’s about the people. People are the ones who created the innovation because there’s a need to be solved. We can only be transformed when we have the right mindset to make the right decision. NexMIND is already on the road to digitalization especially in offering SEO Services. Have you?