Social Media Marketing

How To Get More Likes And Shares

Social media advertising has now become integral to most digital marketing strategies. Its low cost and ability to be extremely targeted makes for a powerful combination. Facebook and Instagram Ads are particularly effective in getting strong results for organisations that sell direct to consumers, and LinkedIn provides a
ready-made platform for reaching businesses.

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Social Ad targeting

Social Ad targeting Detailed targeting allows us to reach the right people easily. Using the huge amount of customer data stored by social media platforms, we’re able to target consumer interests, online browsing habits, job titles, age, gender and more.

You may consider engaging an SEO agency to provide you with organic SEO optimization instead of running Paid Ads.


Reach prospects at different stages of their buying process. Controlled retargeting of visitors to a website, a specific web page or a customer database, allows us to deliver follow-up ads. This layered approach to targeting increases conversion rates considerably by reaching prospects at different stages in their buying process.

Both SEO and SEM should be fundamental of your online marketing strategy.  SEO is a powerful way to drive quality organic traffic at the top of the funnel and SEM is cost effective way to drive conversions at the bottom of the funnel.

Ad Marketing by SEO Services Agency
Ad Marketing by SEO Services Agency

Social Ad Types

Video, Messenger, Carousel and boosted posts – just a handful of the different ad types available. Videos are engaging and build brand resonance, whereas a Messenger Ad encourages direct enquiries. By understanding your audience and your objectives, we’re able to select the most suitable ad type to deliver results. Often a combination of reach, engagement and a direct call-to-action perform strongest as each objective complements the other. By reaching more of your target market with the right message, you will achieve stronger engagement. Once a potential custom is likely to convert, and that’s when they can be persuaded to take action. Contact Us

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram are the most accessible social media platforms for advertising. This is because they hold strong customer data to support highly targeted ads. They’re also extremely cost-effective channels, so a little budget can go a long way. They are vastly more efficient than traditional forms of advertising such as newspaper and radio. Targeting options are plentiful and between the two channels, they reach a diverse demographic.

LinkedIn Ads

Linkedin targets the business sector and is the ideal platform for communicating with, and getting messages to other business people. There are no other social channels that do this as capably as Linkedin and very few other marketing channels, which is why it’s such a popular platform for businesses. For this reason, advertising does come at a price, and LinkedIn can often command a higher cost per return on investment vs other channels.

Twitter Ads

Twitter is founded on frequent, short and engaging content. Twitter news feeds move fast and as new content is published, and it soon disappears. This is a tough environment for advertisers and Twitter themselves have found it difficult to monetise advertising as well as other social media platforms. It also stores less personal data than Facebook and Instagram. That said, it is a useful platform for promoting brand messages and allows us to target by user interest. It is cost-effective and is more commonly used for reaching a target market, not necessarily engagement or conversions.